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AK Security Services is Florida’s Regional Protection Agency located at 2980 Hartley Road, Ste 4, Jacksonville, FL 32257. Our company was established in 2004 and engaged in patrolling and security related services serving the First Coast. The role of security officers has changed dramatically since the September 11, 2001 attacks. Security officers are often the first line of defense in protecting some of the most important areas within our communities. Shopping malls, airports, factories, and campuses often rely on security officers for protection, there for our management has vast experience in this field. Chief of Operations and Director of Operations here at A.K. Security Services have 35 years in law enforcement and 15 years in the security field. A.K.Security is proud to hire our country’s veterans and retired public service figures.    
AK Security Services, LLC 
Our objectives are: •Develop a strategy that excelled in innovative and unique operational potential customer service initiatives hat would deliver superior services directed towards the client. •Focus towards the marketplace that demanded better performances due to a client’s smaller size, complexity or sensitivity of the clients need and wants. •Develop a clear and consistent standard code of conduct and continuing education. •Develop a relationship with each client that he knows and understands that we work for them. And know the door is always open, and give the respect each individual client expects.  
AK Security prides itself in treating our clients first. Our clients include high profile individuals and large management groups who request body guard services, HUD Housing projects, Retail security operations, Hotel security, Alarm Responses, as well as ATM responses for one of the country’s largest ATM dispatch centers. We also provide TWIC and MARSEC (Maritime Security) certified personnel for ports throughout the state of Florida (both cargo and passenger ships).
Phone: 904.332.4060
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