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AK Security was founded in 2004 on an idea to serve private residential properties from apartments to hotels, to association communities. Our guard service quickly spread it’s reach to serve multiple apartment complexes throughout the state of Florida ranging from section 8 housing that demands strong authority figure to act as on-site law enforcement, to gated communities needing guard customer service to play the role. AK Security adjusts to our client’s demands.


Often do residents and visitors judge the appearance of the property based on the look and the professionalism of Security Officers. Uniform selection is matched appropriately, based on the site's specific post orders generated by AKSS to follow the rules and regulations set by property management accordingly. Uniforms that officers wear for the clients are; military style, under cover, police style, or suit and tie. The presence of uniformed officers gives off a positive outlook of the property, which in return makes residents and visitors feel safe and secure of their values and self-being while uplifting the atmosphere of your property.

For over 10 years now, AK Security Services has successfully prevented theft, vandalism, domestic violence, break-ins, and many more unlawful acts on the grounds of clients we serve. Having a strong authoritative presence of security patrols whether in a patrol vehicle, security golf cart, or simply foot patrolling makes the offender think twice about his/her actions. Our team works hard to ensure client satisfaction and offers site supervisors and managers to inspect officers while on duty at no extra costs. 


Security staff is available 24/7 for any questions or concerns.

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