At AK Security, we care about your business because it is our business. We begin by understanding the uniqueness of the retail atmosphere that your organization has achieved and wishes to preserve the striving sales floors, that is where AK Security steps in.


AK Security was founded in 2004 on an idea to serve private residential properties from apartments to hotels, to association communities.


Security Officers go through an extensive state training and certification by the FDLE prior to their employment with an agency. Site specific training is conducted after the review and agreement of post orders between the management of both AK Security and the client.



AK Security Services is the operating division of the company that leads the student safety designed to meet overnight security requirements of student groups, band groups, faith-based organizations, and school sports teams throughout the Florida, Georgia & Texas. Every year AK Security Services protects student tour groups throughout Florida.  All security officers provided by AK Security Services are licensed by the state and trained for student travel security duties.  Training topics include emergency procedures, fire safety, and emergency evacuation.   


AK Security Services dedicated in the performance of pre-trip physical security audits of hotels and the development of specific post orders and training for security personnel.


AK Security provides industrial security services for a wide variety of industrial environments – including manufacturing plants and facilities, warehouses, distribution centers, intermodal transport, and construction sites. We also excel at providing armed escort for the transportation of goods and personnel. In all cases, we partner with our clients to set realistic goals and develop a security-driven culture that ensures our client’s interests are always protected.

Industrial sites pose significant challenges due to the great quantities of exposed goods and the vast amounts of space that must be secured. For this reason, AK Security works with our clients to create a highly visible and multi-layered security presence at every site. We not only supply a live security force to monitor the grounds, but also counsel clients on how best to deploy common-sense deterrents like perimeter fencing, facility lighting, and secure storage practices. AK Security officers also control entry and exit points by checking visitor credentials and matching the flow of goods in and out with the facilities corresponding paperwork.


AK Security Services has extensive experience providing healthcare security services to the healthcare industry. Working with clients statewide, our licensed security officers are engaged in services that range from hospital security and campus patrol to security escort programs for visiting nurse organizations and hospice teams.



AK Security has multiple maritime officers MTSA-trained and TWIC-credentialed officers provide regulatory-compliant access control services throughout the nation. Training and post orders are customizable to meet the unique needs outlined in each Facility Security Plan. For the cruise industry, AK Security screeners ready for service in moment's notice. 


AK Security is a full-service security partner and offers integrated and optimized solutions including technological integration of video and access control systems independently or in combination with its uniformed security officers. Technology offerings include electronic access control systems that integrate with TWIC readers, RFID-based high-value cargo tracking systems, IP-based closed circuit television (CCTV) system installation and remote monitoring solutions.


AK Security provides a high-level of protection to individuals, executives, dignitaries, athletes, and celebrities with security plans tailored to the needs of each individual client. We provide event-centered security for public appearances or 24/7 protection service for clients who simply want to live their daily lives with a minimum amount of disruption. AK Security has deployed officers to work as part of a larger security team, as we did when Governor M. Huckabee came to Florida for book signing, NASCAR Jimmy Johnson in Daytona autograph signing, and FSU football coach, Bobby Bowden who holds the NCAA record for most career and bowl wins by a Division l FBS Coach at the book signing. 

Our Executive Protection team members are carefully chosen from Law Enforcement Officers, Members of the Military, Department of Corrections and Specialists in Private Security. Our multi-disciplined approach involves proactive threat assessment to neutralize problems before they occur. Personnel is trained to act proactively in a discreet manner to ensure that your business and personal security are always addressed.

We clarify each aspect of our clients’ needs and coordinate with local law enforcement, agents, managers, promoters and venue officials eliminating any surprises.


AK Security Services provides event security, including professional event security personnel, consultation, and celebrity protection for large-scale events such as trade shows, concerts, outdoor festivals, and sporting events; and for smaller-scale gatherings such as shareholder meetings and conferences.



AK Security’s ability to coordinate the use of experts by reference from a wide variety of legal, law enforcement, intelligence, academic, and forensic backgrounds help to make our organization unique in its approach and conclusions. This broad ability to manage and match experts with client needs enhances our problem-solving within time and budgetary constraints while allowing AK Security mobility and flexibility.


Every day, businesses, institutions, governmental organizations, and communities throughout the United States face physical threats. As a business leader, you have every reason to be concerned about an unforeseen event. Depending on the nature of your business and the extent of an attack, or event—whether it is physical or cyber—a breach of security and/or vulnerabilities can have a major impact on your organization and even put into jeopardy your ability to operate. It is prudent to plan for a range of scenarios and to re-evaluate your security risk on a continuous basis, understanding that the world is constantly changing, along with the threats that we face. 


Every client’s needs are unique. You will find us to be extremely flexible in terms of scope of work. In making recommendations, we will work within your budget and make every effort to utilize your in-house resources. Once we have made an assessment of your situation, the next steps are up to you. Some of our clients have us oversee the implementation of recommendations, while others will their internal team take on this role. Our best advice: talk to us before you make a decision! We’re here to work with you to find the right solution for your organization. Our talent pool includes a cross-section of industries, skills, and experiences. AK Security Services has the ability to find the best method and approach for your security needs.


AK Security works in cooperation with our clients, planning for any contingency. State and local laws, legal counsel, and client requests govern our methods. We provide a low confrontation, high documentation approach to strike security in order to limit client liability and prevent workplace violence. Our extensive pre-strike contingency and planning, as well as our professional approach, have been instrumental in breaking countless labor stalemates. As a result, we have become a formidable strike force in the industry as well as a bargaining chip for our clients.



AK Security’s licensed fire watch guards and security officers are specially trained and experienced in providing fire watch services to businesses that are in the process of installing a fire protection system or are having problems with their current fire alarm system. 


In the event of a natural disaster, AK Security is prepared with its trained staff of elite officers that provides assistance Florida wide. AK Security’s Emergency Response Unit is a team of well-trained security officers that responds to affected areas and assists with the needs of that particular community from armed security to basic logistics. Our experienced team has provided assistance in such emergencies such as Florida storms, hurricane and we have a large amount during the season. We are ready to help your business or community with emergency response security services. Traffic control, access control, asset protection.


Too many times do we see construction equipment missing due to theft. Unfortunately, more than 70% of this theft is conducted from the crews that are working on the project. Nobody questions these contractors when they pick up materials from the site and leave with it on their trailer, costing the contracting company thousands in losses.



AK Security Services provides security service at your local tax collector's office, Court House, Post Office, and Sheriff's Office.


AK Security provides a high-level of protection for Medical cannabis facilities inside and outside as well as product transportation.

We understand that every client’s needs are unique. You will find us to be extremely flexible in terms of scope of work. In making recommendations, we will work within your budget and make every effort to utilize your in-house resources. AK Security Services has the ability to find the best method and approach for your security needs.


AK Security provides security guard and patrol services for new and used car dealerships.

All security officers provided by AK Security Services are licensed by the state and trained for student travel security duties.  Training topics include emergency procedures, fire safety, and emergency evacuation.    





FL Lic # B2600249  /  GA Lic# PSC002300  /  TX Lic# B10503001

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