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Security Officers go through an extensive state training and certification by the FDLE prior to their employment with an agency. Site specific training is conducted after the review and agreement of post orders between management of both AK Security and the client. Certain sites, such as school grounds or residential communities, AK Security officers are encouraged to go through First Aid AED training, Disaster Situation Relief Preparedness training, constant defense equipment training, and yearly re-qualification for security and firearm training. AK Security is a drug-free company and applies the ZERO TOLERANCE rule which entails officers go through a random drug test at any time chosen by management. Classroom teachings also go over any liability prevention courses such as rules of no access to certain areas, sexual harassment, insurance fraud, etc. AK Security Services is ready to provide an exceptional service to you.




AK Security gives an option to the client to utilize authority presence by offering uniformed armed or unarmed guards to patrol by foot, patrol golf cart, patrol vehicle with highly visible LED lighting. A specific guard patrol pattern via Deggy Systems is available for install by AK Security’s technicians.


Security staff is available 24/7 for any questions or concerns.

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