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                Throughout this pandemic, AK Security is committed to keep our clients, our officers, and our communities safe. We are here to assist our commercial, restaurant, residential, retail, and hospitality industries from the start to finish of this pandemic. Life around us has dramatically changed but one thing that has not is our commitment to personal and property safety.

How AK Security Services is ensuring safety.


Officers follow and enforce AKSS COVID Compliance Safety Policy.

  1. Face masks and gloves are required in order to fulfill security duties.

  2. Visitors and building employees are all scanned with touchless thermostats.

  3. All individuals with flu-like symptoms are sent home.

  4. AK Security officers enforce social distancing and safe practices.

  5. Workplace cleaning and disinfecting routine.

  • Site review and post order execution.

  1. Property evaluation and determination of necessary post order procedures.

  2. Ensuring facility occupancy meets requirements.

  3. Report using cutting edge GPS tracked technology.

  4. Ensuring proper facility closing strategy.

Our team is doing everything in our power to stop the spread of disease while maintaining our order of operations to secure the properties and personnel within our coverage.


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